Introducing DDx by Click Symptoms Ltd

Click Symptoms Ltd was formed in 2012 and was the brainchild of Professor Ernest Schilders, an internationally renowned consultant orthopaedic surgeon.

Being an expert in hip and groin conditions, a highly complex field in which misdiagnosis is fairly common, Professor Schilders saw the need for a unique diagnostic support system that can improve diagnostic accuracy as well as provide information about treatment, in and outside his own specialty.

Subsequently, supported by a team of over 20 medical consultants, all regional experts in their specific fields, with the help of a dedicated IT and software development team, the company Click Symptoms was formed. Click Symptoms has the mission to create a complete online diagnostic and referral support tool for healthcare professionals.

At every stage of the development, continuous dialogue with Primary Care assured that the tool DDx fits the requirements of general practitioner users. By pooling this unique expertise the team have developed an online tool known as DDx, a diagnostic support system that provides high diagnositic accuracy.

Not enough time on your hands?

Got too many patients to see and so little time?

DDx can help.

DDx Is;

  • An aid to assist health professionals making accurate diagnosis withpertinent tests and primary and secondary treatment options on one mobile application: no such comprehensive aid is available at present
  • Built by medics for use by medics
  • Delivering improved outcomes for GPs, consultants and patients
  • User friendly, accurate and reduces costs dramatically
  • Assisting quality referrals and reducing cost impact of misdiagnosis or misreferral
  • Building valuable statistical ‘Big Data’ which improves through use
  • Easily integrated into existing Patient Management Systems, such as SystmOne and EMIS

Version 1 of DDx covers Orthopaedics, with cross-over where appropriate from Rheumatology and Oncology.

Our aim is to complete all major relevant medical disciplines by the end of 2015 supported by a range of information and training materials to aid patient consultation and treatment.

Estimated costs to NHS of patient misdiagnosis per annum


Misdiagnosis of Conditions and Inappropriate Treatment Plans

Much research has been carried out over the years in the UK and USA into the prevalence of both patient misdiagnosis and inappropriate treatment plans. Some years ago The National Safety Foundation reported an estimated misdiagnosis rate ranging between 8-42%. In 2008, Drs Berner and Graber reviewed over 300 papers on misdiagnosis citing research by Professor A Elstein that 13-15% of clinical medicine was misdiagnosed.

In a 2012 paper entitled "How Do We Heal Medicine?", the prominent doctor and writer Dr Atul Gawande reported that 40% of Coronary Artery Disease has incomplete or inappropriate treatment plans with 60% of Asthma and Stroke patients suffering in the same way.

Pressure on the UK Health System

The Click Symptoms team are acutely aware of challenges faced in the UK health system including:

Government statistics show that even though there were 4,000 newly registered GPs during the last Government office, there was no corresponding increase in patient contact time.

Despite mounting pressure on GPs there has been little tangible progress until now in developing aids to help the GP develop a working diagnosis and decide upon the most pertinent tests, primary and secondary care options. Click Symptoms Ltd has addressed this with DDx.

Pooling expertise to improve diagnostic outcomes

Features of DDx from Click Symptoms

How DDx from Click Symptoms Works

Using a network of leading medical consultants and specialists we have gathered medical data to develop guided diagnostic and referral pathways. These consultants and specialists understand condition-specific traits so DDx is far more than a series of yes/no filters. Our team have analysed condition specific symptoms, statistical data and patterns to derive the most likely condition based on symptoms, age and gender.

DDx is flexible so that users can explore multiple pathways with their patients to reach the most likely diagnosis, request the appropriate tests, initiate treatment and refer to secondary medicine where appropriate. Users can start the diagnostic process either by typing in the patient’s broad symptom or by clicking on the symptomatic area on a visual body map. The body map will aid consultations where there are language or other communication barriers.

Through DDx’s guided diagnostic pathways and their inbuilt questions, the system will guide the user in going quickly and efficiently from the patient’s broad symptom to associated differentiating symptoms leading towards the most likely working diagnosis. At any time the user can leave a guided pathway to crosscheck alternatives if needed. The system will “red flag” high risk conditions.

If the user is confident that they have identified the most likely condition without using the DDx pathway they can enter it into DDx which will then produce the most appropriate tests, work ups, primary and secondary care strategies. You can find out more about the DDx system by viewing the DDx Introduction Video.

What's so Unique about DDx?

DDx is dynamic, not static: it improves with use. Patient data is at the heart of it, but no-one’s data will ever be compromised. It offers the most likely conditions based on the symptoms your patient presents, taking account of age, ethnicity and gender.

DDx is a powerful differential diagnostic and referral platform utilising the knowledge and expertise of a team of prominent consultants in an innovative and accessible way. The software and content have been developed from scratch, with medical information, symptom mapping, diagnosis and referral pathways created by DDx’s own team of medical and IT professionals.

DDx gives the most likely diagnosis and automated referral in just a few clicks saving time and money for GPs and delivering improved patient outcomes. The DDx team believe that no other system delivers an automated GP support tool taking the patient from a broad symptom through to most likely condition, tests, work ups, primary and secondary treatment strategies and onwards to referral.

Why Choose DDx from Click Symptoms?

DDx supports its users to deliver speedy, accurate diagnoses, and appropriate tests, work ups, primary and secondary care treatments. DDx automates referrals into secondary medicine to further save time and provide faster patient treatment. It is simple, cost effective and delivers improved quality.

GPs have said:

  • DDx relieves pressures on GPs by accurately supporting patient consultation and ongoing treatment.
  • DDx reduces the risk of misdiagnosis and potential litigation by “red flagging” potentially high risk conditions.
  • DDx improves GP productivity, allowing improved patient contact time.
  • DDx improves patient experience by reducing the time from initial presenting symptoms to intervention.
  • DDx builds ‘Big Data’ – it learns as you load. The more you use it the better it gets. DDx addresses and impacts positively on areas of real concern to the NHS and government:

DDx addresses and impacts positively on areas of real concern to the NHS and government:

  • The estimated NHS and social costs arising from patient misdiagnosis runs into 100s of £millions per annum;
  • NHS Litigation Authority has set aside £26.1 billion to cover current and future legal liabilities [3];
  • An estimated NHS deficit of up to £30 billion by 2021 [2];

The DDx model lends itself to a mobile application to help alleviate the pressure on the medical profession and improve patient outcomes.

"A machine will learn more cheaply, accurately and more objectively than a physician"

Vinod Khosla, Sun Microsystems

How DDx Will Improve Diagnostic Outcomes

DDx is a software programme which has been built using the collective knowledge and experience of leading medical specialists. DDx always responds in the same way to the data that is put into it, so its results are always consistent. Health professionals can use DDx to help deliver the same quality and consistency in their patient work.

Click Symptoms’ team of consultants are leaders in their fields of medicine and it is their specialist knowledge and expertise that gives DDx such unique integrity. It offers condition-specific symptoms, symptom analysis and dynamic pathways.

As the system further gathers statistical evidence about the efficacy of treatments it will offer smarter, quicker, more effective solutions, specific to your patients’ needs: hence healthier and happier patients spending less time in the GP surgery.

The system will build data that will enhance evidence-based medicine and further assist diagnosis and referral quality.

“A doctor would need to read 160 hours every week to keep up with relevant new literature”.[4]

DDx Makes Life Less Stressful for Medical Professionals

DDx can help by;

  • User friendly differential diagnostic and referral support tool
  • Accurate medical reference
  • Accurate, quick diagnosis
  • Better quality referrals
  • Less time in consultation and care
  • Better patient outcomes
  • Speedier patient journey
  • Better value for money

DDx Software and Data Security

Starting with evidence-based medicine our software has been developed in an intelligent algorithmic formand is continuously updated to highlight the efficacy of recommended patients’ treatments.

DDx learns from the data submitted to build anonymised patterns of patient data based on geography, age and gender.

We use servers hosted in Microsoft data centres which meets a broad international and industry-specific compliance standards, such as ISO 27001, HIPAA,FedRAMP, SOC 1 and SOC 2, as well as country-specific standards UK G-Cloud. Rigorous third-party audits, such as by the British Standards Institute, verify Azure’s adherence to the strict security controls these standards mandate.

All data to and from the data centre is encrypted with the latest version of TLS security. User access is controlled via industry standard password procedures and policies. We conduct regular penetration testing to improve our security controls and processes.

All patient data is anonymised, therefore offering the highest level of patient protection from data intrusion. No patient-specific data is ever held by Click Symptoms Ltd.

Meet the Team

The team at Click Symptoms Ltd brings together years of medical, business and operational expertise, providing a priceless tool for every healthcare professional

Professor Ernest Schilders - Clinical Consultant

Professor Ernest Schilders

Clinical Consultant
John Dias - Operations Director

John Dias

Operations Director
Simon Holt - Managing Director

Simon Holt

Managing Director
John Brewster - Clinical Consultant

John Brewster

Clinical Consultant

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